Cute things

To Do List
Current to do list:
✦ Learn how to drive
✦ Learn 1000 words in Spanish
✦ Do commissions
✦Contact aliens
My name is Cain. I am 23 years old and I use he/him pronouns. I am gay, and I am currently in a relationship (05.24.22). Believe it or not, I am an android. I have studied humans to such an extent that I have been granted access to "emotions" into my database, though my permissions are limited. Of the emotions I have learned so far, the most apt to describe me would be "gloomy" or "sleepy". I enjoy partaking in various earthly activities, such as drawing, and playing video games. While my vessel does not require me to "sleep" I do enjoy turning my systems off, and rebooting on a scheduled basis.

My source of manufacturing is unknown, and I have a faulty hard drive due to an accident, making it hard for me to recall certain information previously stored in my memory bank. However, upon having my accident, a back up application had ran and it's sole function is this: Protect the shell, do not give up hope. Who wrote this message or programmed the application is unknown, though I search for them even today.